Hebron Farms
Contact: Chris & Michelle Hebron
Address: 59498 Kirklake Rd Vandalia, MI, 49095
Email Address:
Phone: 574-340-2648
About Us

Hebron Farms produces Grassfed Beef & Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Fresh Brown Eggs, Sausages and Smoked Foods (Including Nitrite Free Bacon) that is:

  • More nutritious - Lower fat and higher vitamin/mineral contents.

  • Chemical free - Our animals thrive without antibiotics, hormones, and systemic biocides.

  • More environmentally friendly - Patronize an agriculture that heals and regenerates, thriving on diversity, resource regeneration and lower petroleum use.

  • More humane - Animals enjoy fresh air , sunshine, exercise and fresh green grass. Pigs root and wallow, while cows and chickens graze. Just as nature intended!

  • More customer friendly - Patrons enjoy a relationship with the farmer and a link to the land. We build bridges to nutritious food and healthier living.

  • More family friendly - Children enjoy seeing the animals, and learning firsthand who, what, where, when, why, and how about their food.

  • More tasty and beautiful - The proof is in the eating. Adorn your palate as well as your plate with the rich color and taste of our all natural products.

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Michelle's blog with recipes and things happening on the farm Loving a Farmer.

Farmer Chris's blog includes the fun on the farm GreenGrassGrown.

We also carry a couple items from: Heritage Acres, an Amish Farm in Middlebury. An old Amish Farm, consisting of farming practices growing a wide variety of vegetables, flours and fruits.

And our Syrup is from: Danny Olson Additional Info: Pure maple syrup produced on a 5th generation family farm Ingredients: We use pure maple sap and a bit of unsalted butter used as a defoaming agent. Our Practices Do to it’s nature, all pure maple syrup is (or should be) organic. But only syrup produced on a certified organic farm can be labeled as organic. While we are not certified organic, there is no difference between our syrup and what is certified.

A family owned business whose goal is to maintain a quality of life living on a sustainable farm. We are striving to produce a superior all natural product and deliver it directly to the final customer. This will insure quality and give you knowledge of exactly where your food is coming from.

Naturally Grown out on pasture!